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5 Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

emotional support

Emotional support animals provide much-needed comfort and company. They help boost the moods of their owners and alleviate anxiety and depression. While cats are known to be naughty as well as playful, they make magnificent emotional support animals.

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Below are five best cat breeds to consider keeping for your living support needs.

1. Persian

Persian cats make the perfect pets for emotional support due to their highly affectionate nature. They are not only one of the most iconic feline breeds but are also calm and quiet, which makes them easy to keep. Since Persian cats do not engage in strenuous or lots of activity and would rather be pampered; instead, they can thrive even in small living spaces. You can quickly identify a Persian cat by its distinctive face with a squashed look, and a fluffy body made up of a long, flowy coat.

Persian cats require regular grooming to avoid mats and tangles and keep them clean. Despite the high maintenance, a Persian cat’s personality makes keeping it around worthwhile.

2. Russian Blue

The perfect emotional support cat for an introverted person is the Russian blue cat. This breed is characterized by short, dark-grey fur, which sometimes appears blue. Russian blue cats are quiet, shy, and intelligent pets that can also be quite playful. While they can be affectionate to family members, they also like to attach themselves to one person and do not enjoy doing anything outside their comfort zones. Russian blue cats are therefore ideal for people who require an emotional support animal that is nice, less social, and offers a great company. Note that Russian blue cats love routines and do not like large crowds and unknown visitors.

Cat Breeds for ESA

Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

3. Maine Coon

Maine coon cats are the largest domestic cats compared to other domestic cats. They are almost comparable to dogs and are quite furry if you love cuddling fluffy animals. For people who suffer from social anxiety, Maine coon cats are great companions. This is because they enjoy socializing and quickly bond with outsiders which can help push you to interact with others. They are also affectionate to other pets as well as children. However, their copious amounts of fur also mean they require almost daily grooming.

4. Siamese

If you are looking for an emotional support animal that you can engage in social activities with, the Siamese cat is the right choice. Siamese cats are playful, social, and attention-loving felines with slender bodies. Their playful nature means they can derive joy in games and toys around them. Since Siamese cats are social animals, they get distraught when left alone for long periods of time. For this reason, it is advisable to keep a pair of Siamese cats so they can keep each other company if you plan to leave them for a long period of time.

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5. Mixed Breed

Given the wide variety of cat breeds, choosing the cat you want to keep can be difficult. This is especially true if you love specific traits from different breeds. Mixed breed cats give you the advantage of picking cat with a combination of the unique characteristics that you love from different breeds. Note that they are affectionate and cuddly animals just like pure breed cats, and they are capable of providing the emotional support that you need.

With the above breeds, you’ll get adequate emotional support and the company that you want.

Registration of an emotional support cat

How to Register an Emotional Support Cat

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